Are A Prostitute And An Escort Are The Same Thing?

Are A Prostitute And An Escort Are The Same Thing?

Prostitution is known as the sale of sex to get money. Escorting may mean different things and it can start from dating to prostitution. When it comes to the law, regardless if you are having paid sex with a prostitute or escort, it is always illegal. People always end up saying that they paid the company of the escort and sex happened and they did not plan it to happen.

The escort can be a couple, a woman or a man who is being hired in order to offer the companionship and to be paid. The escorts are known to be interesting, fun and smart and they offer the best company and they know how they can behave in many environments where the clients take them. They can be booked for the companionship and someone can take time to a wedding, a movie, a home, a hotel or an event. The escorts can offer the time based on the hour or can spend weeks and days with the client as far as they pay well for the job.

The prostitute is a woman who only offers sexual satisfaction and she gets money from it. If someone is over 18 years, it may be legal or illegal to be prostitute but working like a pimp, encouraging someone to be a prostitute or to run a brothel is not legal. The prostitutes can also be called sex workers, street walkers, whores and hookers and they charge their clients based on the hour or a sex act.

  • Call girl

The call girl is the person who works like a prostitute but not on the street or in the brothel. The call girls can be confused by the escorts since they do advertise and they meet the clients in the private set at an agreed on period. It may be legal to work like a call girl, but she should not advertise the sexual activities.

  • Stripper

A stripper is a woman who will take off the clothes so that she can be given money. The strippers may work in bars or clubs and they can dance or take the clothes off for individual or a group of people in the private booths. The strippers can be hired for hen and stag parties and their work is completely legal. Some of the strippers work in the gentlemen’s clubs while others are self employed and they make enough money doing this.

  • The courtesan

This is a woman who gets paid to offer the sex or companion to the men who are too wealthy, and of high social standing. They are paid the highest price and the fee also requires them to be discreet and to report whenever they are needed.

However, all the above names given can be confused for prostitutes and some people do not understand the difference. The prostitutes offer sex to every person who will pay them, they are not approved and they work on their own. They can be harassed by authority figures, law enforcers or regular people. The escorts can be given jewels, housing, clothes or money for their services. They are admired and well educated. They are from good families and they do have official backing.

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